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From industry leading electronics manufacturer, Promark Electronics Inc., ProEV™ was established in response to the transportation industry’s growing need for electric vehicle cable and assemblies. Driven by Promark’s 35 years of experience in creating mission-critical electronic components for OEMs, ProEV™ is made by manufacturers, for manufacturers.

Promark Electronics is a proud Canadian electronic manufacturing services provider (EMS) with a long legacy of supporting transport innovation in commercial, civil and military sectors across North America.

We offer low minimums with no maximums.
We can supply you at scale with lengths over 10,000,000 ft.


for OEMs

The cornerstone of Promark’s mission has always been to deliver upon agility for its partners, an ambition that is reflected with ProEV™.

We identified a need to provide quick turnarounds, with a wide range of sizes and low minimums in the electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle sector in order to accelerate an OEMs manufacturing journey. We strive to facilitate and advance the production of electric and hybrid vehicles through high voltage cable and custom assemblies.

Our cable is offered in 2 different constructions for varying flexibility, abrasion and temperature environments (ProEV™SILR & ProEV™XLPE ), as well as a wide range of sizes (4mm2 to 120mm2).


Availability with


As an electronics manufacturer, we are fully equipped to manufacture electric vehicle assemblies locally in North America, as well as provide a key component — the cable — at low cost with availability.

Promark recognizes the needs of the OEM, versus the distributors. That’s why ProEV™ focuses on time and competitive pricing.

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