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How Does Our Proprietary
Technology Work?

KonnectAi™ is an in-process and final visual quality inspection system that is powered by state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms and technology.

This advanced system augments existing quality inspection processes, ensuring that products and processes meet the highest standards. Built into the KonnectAi™ system is the ability to serialize individual products or processes allowing for full detailed traceability.

KonnectAi™ leverages advanced computer vision technology to seamlessly process video streams captured by our proprietary KonnectAi™ vision system. Each frame of the video stream is fed into the AI server for comprehensive model analysis, facilitated by an advanced object detection algorithm that intelligently divides the frame into distinct regions and accurately predicts bounding boxes and probabilities for each region.

We utilize the YOLO Real-Time Object Detection model on darknet framework (YOLO, as in the less famously known, You Only Look Once).

The use of the deep neural network gives flexibility to KonnectAi™ to add new inspection points at any time for any product or process.

Why did we
invent it?

We firmly believe that meeting basic inspection and traceability standards is a bare minimum when it comes to delivering quality products and processes. Through the deployment of KonnectAi™ technology, we are able to achieve 100% quality, confidence, and traceability across our entire production line, without incurring any additional expenses.

At our manufacturing facilities, we recognized the critical need for a cutting-edge computer vision inspection system to verify the quality and reliability of safety-critical components used in autonomous vehicles. To meet this challenge, we developed KonnectAi™, an advanced technology solution that enables us to conduct thorough inspections without incurring any additional production time and associated costs.

We believe in in building technology-based products using technology.

  • An Augmented Inspection Experience

    Using state-of-the art Ai algorithms and computer vision technology to augment our quality inspection system.

  • No Additional Cost

    Utilizing technology for quality control and traceability, at no added cost, should be a standard practice for all products.

  • Unique Differentiator

    Performance of 100% in-process and final inspection, using state-of-the art Ai algorithms to compare products to a database of images – the system is constantly learning.

  • Flexibility
    and Confidence to Operators

    Real-time feedback from KonnectAi™ provides a boost of confidence and support to both new and experienced operators.

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